Some time ago, in the United States, San Diego held an annual event in the comics industry – SDCC San Diego. Today’s San Diego exhibition has been a traditional exhibition. Although it is still called anime exhibition in its name, it has evolved into a diversified comprehensive exhibition. In addition to animated cartoons, there are also movie toys and entertainment-related products. Like Marvel, I am used to announcing the next phase of the plan at SDCC.

Marvel officially rated the best cosplay

Similarly, this year, Marvel also announced the fourth phase of the plan at SDCC. In the exhibition of San Diego, in addition to Marvel Film, such a large company will release explosive news, of course, there are various cosplay. Recently, Marvel on the official website, released the excellent cosplay of San Diego, one of the fans of the cos fat Raytheon was reported by Marvel. From the fan’s cos point of view, it is simply the best cosplay.

Marvel officially rated the best cosplay

Judging from this photo, there are a lot of cosplays with very good workmanship, but there are also a lot of weird things, such as the ant in the lower right corner of the picture. Is his suit worn with white cardboard? There is also a cos panther, his father, fucking uncle, aunt, also brought a black panther to come over, too hard.

marvel cosplay

Look at this Spider-Man family, I feel very loved, although the cosplay costumes of the two children are rough, but the details are very good, look at the fucking shoelaces, learn the spider in the Spider-Man balance universe. Just let go, the kid on the left, do you have a shoe?

spiderman cosplay