One-piece suits are most suitable for babies were born,because there is no elastic design on the waist of one-piece suits, not only will they not pinch the baby’s waist and belly, but it will also be easier for parents to wear them than splits.

wearing a baby's bodysuit

Protect your baby’s belly button from cold
The baby is active and has a large amount of exercise. The baby’s top will run out of the pants and the belly will be exposed. The baby is in the period of growth and development and has weak resistance. Once the belly is cold, the faster intestinal motility will make the baby’s stomach hurtand it will also shorten the time for food to stay in the intestine and cause diarrhea. Compared with traditional clothing, the upper and lower parts of the bodysuit are connected together, which can prevent the baby’s belly from getting cold.

Does not affect baby bone development
Pants with traditional bandages or elastic, many mothers are worried that they will hold the baby’s tender skin or affect the baby’s bone development and baby jumpsuits do not have this trouble. The baby’s internal organs are mainly concentrated in the abdomen, so the belly will be particularly large. Generally, the split clothes worn by babies will catch the baby’s belly because the pants have rubber bands. The belly of the jumpsuit is loose and will not bring the burden on baby’s belly.

Loose and comfortable waist
Generally, trousers are equipped with an elastic band at the waist. The elastic band will restrain the baby and make the baby sleep uneasily. Jumpsuits avoid this problem well and babies wear more comfortably.

Diapers are more convenient
Open file design, just need to open all the buttons to easily change the diaper for the baby. And the diaper position should be reserved in the fart area. The baby is not tight and feels very comfortable.

How to wear baby bodysuits

  1. When wearing a jumpsuit, first unbutton it. Unfasten all the buttons of the bodysuit, lay it flat, and place the baby on the clothes with the neck at the collar.
  2. Put on your legs first, one at a time, and fasten the buckle in the position under the diaper so that the baby’s legs will not stretch out.
  3. When the arm is stretched in, the mother first pulls up the sleeve, stretches the cuff with one hand, puts the baby’s arm in the sleeve, put away the sleeve length and then wears another arm in this way . When taking off, just need to reverse the steps.

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