According to the news network on July 3, the website of South Korea’s “East Asia Daily” published an article entitled “The Innocent Superhero’s Destiny’s Spider-web Action” on July 2nd. The article is as follows:

Is there a more innocent superhero than this? This is the case with Peter Parker, who recently released the movie “Spiderman: Heroes Expedition.”

After the battle with the tyrant, the people who disappeared for five years returned, but the world is still in chaos. Parker, who returns to his daily life, will encounter a new villain “Elementality” on his trip to Europe with his friends. However, for Spider-Man, who is still in his teens, defending the Earth is “a problem that a giant superhero has to solve,” and his heart is only concerned with unrequited girls.

“Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition” movie poster (data picture)

In this movie, the shadow of the “Iron Man” who died in “The Avengers: The Final Battle” is still very strong. But compared to melancholy, movies are brisker.

Spider-Man’s actor, Holland, also said at the local symposium on July 1st that “Little Robert Downey” left a lot of vacancies. He said: “No one can replace Iron Man. When I was filming this movie, I occasionally called Robert and asked for his opinion.”

Holland’s Peter Parker is a quick-thinking teenager, not a “perfect” hero in the traditional sense, so he has drawn a line with the previous Spider-Man series. The electric image youth movie depicts the growth of Spider-Man who is troubled by the position of Iron Man’s successor.

Spiderman by Tom Holland (data picture)

“Iron Man is a billionaire, Sol is a god, and Spider-Man is a superhero that is not perfect or mature. In this sense, I think he represents all of us who are ordinary.”

Of course, as the finale of the Marvel movie series after the “Avengers: The Final Battle”, the film obviously lacks weight. If you expect the size of the laser to be launched by the captain of the surprised captain in space, it may be disappointing. Even so, four sets of Spider-Man costumes and action scenes in beautiful cities such as Venice and Prague are enough to catch the eye. It is worth mentioning that the Battle of London, which uses spider webs and hundreds of drones, is absolutely only possible for Spider-Man.

Mystery by Jack Gyllenhaal (left) (profile picture)

It has always been a popular candidate for Spider-Man, Batman and other characters. The presence of Jack Gyllenhaal, who first appeared as a superhero in the movie, is also impressive. He plays the role of a mystery guest in the film, and his acting is comparable to the vulture in the “Spider-Man: The Return of Heroes”, which is praised for its vivid three-dimensional bad guy image.

Gyllenhaal, who once said that “I didn’t expect to wear tight clothes and play so interestingly”, came to Korea for the second time after participating in the filming of “Jade” directed by Bong Joon-ho. “Before coming to Korea, I contacted the director. He emailed me to the restaurant, where I had dinner with Tom.”

It is reported that the film “Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition” was released in South Korea on July 2nd local time.