Before the DC superhero movie, “Wonder Woman 1984” had the news of re-allocation, foreign media believed that this was avoiding the main competitor “Terminator 6”, so the schedule was adjusted from November 2019 to 2020.

wonder woman cosplay

No need to count the days, after all, now in 2018, being a DC enthusiast is really anxious.

However, this year’s DC dramas have a lot of hotspots, including the return of the seventh season of “Arrow”, and also accelerated the opening of the “Different Worlds” event of the three dramas. Immediately on December 7, “Neptune” will be released, let us Adjust your mood!

wonder woman cosplay

The sequel to the movie “Wonder Woman ” has recently released a new studio photo. Wonder Woman cosplay costumes appear in the camera wearing a black trench coat, while also wearing a bib and warm gloves, of course, the role of the glove is not only Keep warm, but it looks more elegant and dignified.

In another studio photo, Jia Duo put on snow boots, feeling that the environment was still very cold.

wonder woman cosplay

The crew of the crew also wore thick clothes. Previously, “WW1984” was shot in London and Virginia. The weather table was uncleanly checked. In recent days, there was just sleet in Virginia, and the weather was really cold. .

Since the film “WW1984” started shooting, it has rarely been seen in the film studio to add a shirt, in the previous work, it has changed clothes twice, and then frequently change the casual clothes in the post-production.

The only time when the battle shirt appeared was after a small-scale battle, and it seemed that she was chasing someone. At this time, she wore a suit, and she always had a casual dress.

wonder woman cosplay

For example, when I was sent with my boyfriend when I turned to London to shoot the night scene, and now I changed into a black coat in the winter, how do you think that the second part is not so exciting?

There was speculation that Jiaduo would wear a new suit in the second.

However, the previous battle shirts have appeared, so the main focus is on red and blue shirts. The new version of the suit may appear in the process of chasing the anti-descendant leopard, and it only appears briefly. If you are a wonder woman cosplay costumes fan, you should like this wonder woman cosplay costumes.Click HERE to see more!

The time after the film was changed was June 2020.