So I think that all the people who go through this site have already heard the word Cosplay, contraction of “costume” and “playing”, so I’m not going to dwell on a long blah because I’m here to talk about the creation from a costume until its release in convention. When it comes to the Best way to dress up like Black Widow Scarlett Johansson then you can have the best deals now.

Black Widow costumes

How to do a cosplay yourself?

Step 1 of Cosplay

The choice of the character.

For your first Cosplay, do not have eyes bigger than the belly. Choose a character that you like and not very complicated in its realization.

Make Recovery.

Or if you are not good at sewing, buy it (I’m talking about a first cosplay without wanting to go on stage obviously.), It will allow you to be in the skin of your favorite character and to have fun reproducing his facial expressions,

His expressions in the alleys of a convention (and even take pictures with the people who participate in the exhibition or convention). I think this is the best test to know if we are able to go on stage and be completely in the skin of character that we embody. From Cossuits you get the best info now.


Black Widow costumes

A cosplay presented on stage must be entirely handmade or sometimes the 50/50 (i.e. half done and half bought) is accepted in some conventions.

But for a first cosplay that you want to present to the public on stage is a different story.

We go back to my first sentence of step 1: do not have eyes bigger than the belly, choose a character you like and not very complicated in its realization ^^


Already you will feel stronger in the skin of a character of which you know everything in the smallest details, than in a character you do not know.

Not complicated in its realization, because it must be honest: if you have never spent a thread in a needle, you’re really screwed XD.

Step 2 of Cosplay

Realization of the costume

For the realization of a first Cosplay, take it in advance, not 1 month before your convention. For the preparation of your costume, research the net of your character in several positions, back, front, profile, and do not hesitate to go to the smallest detail (a seam color OR, little flower on the petticoat).

Once the choice of your photos finished, it will be necessary to buy the fabric (present you with some photos of your character to ask advice to the sellers, they are there for that).

Black Widow costumes

Once the fabrics purchased, one of the most difficult steps: sewing (if you have never touched a sewing machine like me, make your first tests on worn jeans).

Sewing will take a lot of time, hence the choice of photos from all sides (face, profile). It will be very useful.


Often, the characters have a fetish object. It will also be necessary to achieve this object, so you will need paint, brushes and other trinkets that will help you to make your object. It’s also very important. The characters are not necessarily recognizable by the clothes or their hair color but they are often recognized thanks or by the objects they hold. For more regarding Black Widow Costumes visit the web page.